Commenting solution for modern publishers.

Your content deserves much more comments.

  • Provide a completely different user experience for your commenters
  • Reward your audience with Joint tokens
  • Become a part of the blockchain revolution with your audience

A commenting system that runs on entire platforms

In today’s world, the ability for a commenting system to retain user interaction is essential for its success. Joint app, hence, fuels engaged communities by enabling users to follow all the reactions upon their conversations.

Product Roadmap

Wordpress Plugin

September 2018

Related Articles

February 2019

CMS Integrations

Q4 2019
April 2018

Closed Beta

December 2018

Mobile Apps

March 2019


Q4 2019

Platform API

Grow with your Community


User experience provided by our commenting solution will increase the engagement rate of your website.


Increased engagement will allow your page views to rapidly increase and allow your site to flourish.


Your audience will be monetized by Joint advertisers without violating privacy of your visitors.


Reward your

Joint is the first of its kind as a commenting solution, since it rewards commenters depending on the value that they bring to the community via Joint Tokens. These tokens can be rewarded to creators, moderators or anyone who positively affects the community.

On a typical commenting solution, the commenters are not rewarded fairly for their contributions. Regarding money flow, the money flows from advertisers to publishers, but not before the commenting system takes its own cut. Blockchain allows Joint to easily calculate the value of individual contributions and distribute the rewards fairly and transparently.


Boost your own comments to get more visibility

Donate to publishers & writers that you like to read and promote

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Create a new economy with your own community

Reward your commenters, authors and moderators

Unlock a new revenue channel for your traffic

The Team

Our team is composed of best talents in the region aiming for developing blockchain based applications for online publishers.


Our advisors has extensive experience in building successful companies.